Fritz thinks his life’s a bowl of cherries. Could it be even better if he shared it with someone?

Maybe things are just a little too comfortable for Fritz. Plenty of money. Teams of people working for him. Even a violinist whose tunes always cheer him up. He is convinced that marriage is not for him. Suzel would like to change his mind, but Fritz won’t get the hint. Could it be time for the local rabbi to step in and help things along?

There are two types of Side Seats available:

  • Ground Level £30:  These seats are uncovered and can be moved according to the size of your group. 
  • Platform Level £45: These seats are partially covered and located on a platform on the edge of the auditorium. They are single seats located in front of each other and cannot be moved according to the size of your group.  

 £10 seats are available for Under 30s – sign up here.

Tickets for the following week’s performances will go on sale at 12pm every Monday. Please note these tickets do not have Member discounts.

On sale dates 

Friday 16 July, 8pm – Side Seats not available
Sunday 18 July, 2pm – Side Seats not available

On sale from Monday 19 July at 12pm

Tuesday 20 July, 8pm
Thursday 22 July, 8pm
Saturday 24 July, 8pm

On sale from Monday 27 July at 12pm

Tuesday 27 July, 8pm
Thursday 29 July, 8pm
Saturday 31 July, 8pm