Opera Holland Park uses cookies in the following ways:


Online ticket booking

Our online ticketing system uses cookies for the following:

  • To identify whether cookies can be set on your computer
  • To identify our returning customers to enable personalisation
  • To distinguish between customers when they book their tickets
  • To distinguish which theatre that tickets are being booked for
  • To identify the last time that a customer interacted with our booking site
  • To allow customers to reset their passwords

Our online ticketing system is provided by Spektrix.

So that we can provide you with the best possible experience when resetting your password or booking tickets online, please ensure that you have enabled cookies on your browser and are not using private browsing mode. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Box Office on 0300 999 1000.



Our website uses cookies for the following:

  • To manage a visitor’s session, including preferences around dismissing the cookie pop-up and other site messages
  • To track a visitor’s session, including the storing of basket purchase information, to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our website
  • To track a visitor’s session for Google Analytics, which is anonymised data, to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our website

Our website is provided by Cog Design.


Email marketing

Our email provider uses cookies for the following:

  • To track and identify visitors to our website who have clicked on an email received from Opera Holland Park, to allow us to better segment and target our contacts
  • To track visitors as they browse our website and record whether they make a purchase after receiving an email from OHP, to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our email marketing
  • To identify an email contact and allow us to personalise our website when they visit it
  • To assist with security settings for users on shared IP addresses.

Our email system is provided by DotMailer.



Our site features videos that are hosted on YouTube.

When you view these videos, YouTube may store a cookie on your computer.

To find out more, please visit YouTube’s (who are owned by Google) privacy policy.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to track the use of our website by its visitors, so that we can understand more about how people use it and find ways to make it better. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form that is used for analytical purposes.

To find out more about Google Analytics and how to opt out of cookies used for this purpose, visit their website.


Managing or disabling cookies

You can disable your browser from accepting cookies when you visit our site. These settings are normally found within the options or preferences menu of your browser. Click here for instructions on how to enable and disable cookies on the main browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Please note: if you disable cookies when visiting our website, this may impact on your experience of using our site and some features will be unavailable such as resetting your password and booking tickets. 


If you have any further questions about our use of cookies, or if you would like a detailed technical breakdown of each individual cookie that we use, please contact info@operahollandpark.com.