Opera Holland Park is committed to identifying and nurturing talent. We believe that offering emerging singers, directors, conductors and répétiteurs the same opportunities, experiences and access as established performers is an integral part of their development.

Our Young Artist scheme was founded 11 years ago by the late Christine Collins. We are extremely proud of the progress they have made in their careers and the opportunities they have seized since the start of their journeys as Opera Holland Park Young Artists.

This support for my career has helped me bridge the nearly impossible gap between assisting and directing” – Oliver Platt, 2012 Young Artist

What is special about the Opera Holland Park Young Artists scheme?

Unlike other training programmes, Opera Holland Park’s scheme offers the opportunity to rehearse in a professional environment and perform on a major London stage to a paying audience. As well as rehearsing alongside our main cast, the Young Artists have their own rehearsal space, receive individual mentoring and language coaching and a dedicated sitzprobe with the City of London Sinfonia.

Critics, agents and managers are invited to the Young Artists’ performances and, as a result of their participation in the scheme, alumni have gone on to develop successful careers. At Opera Holland Park, we are proud to welcome former Young Artists in our main stage casts each year.

Opera Holland Park are a fantastic, supportive company who are passionately committed to developing young singers, giving us the opportunity to grow and prove ourselves.” – Alys Roberts, 2018 Young Artist

The scheme also encourages participants to develop new skills through their involvement with our award-winning Inspire programme. They perform in Opera Holland Park’s Schools Matinees, and take part in Opera for Thought, a project that brings behind-the-scenes opera to people living with dementia and their carers, helping them to socialise and reduce isolation.

“As a result of ‘Opera for Thought’ I now know this valuable work is something I would like to pursue alongside performing. Singing in workshops both for the elderly and for school children opened my eyes to the power of music and the relevance and importance of opera in today’s society.” – Emma Stannard, 2018 Young Artist

Can you help Young Artists achieve their dreams?

Joining the Young Artists Circle is a direct way of supporting and nurturing developing talent. In gratitude for your generosity, you will be offered exclusive opportunities to step closer to the work of the Young Artists, following their journey from casting to performing on the Opera Holland Park mainstage. 

‘In my experience, the few companies that maintain a Young Artists programme tend to use their participants as covers for the principal roles of the season with the occasional masterclass and coaching sessions thrown in. Opera Holland Park offers all of this, but in addition, those lucky enough to be selected for the programme are given the chance to take part in a full public performance of one of the season’s operas, preceded by working sessions with the orchestra. I believe this to be a unique situation in the UK – providing a wonderful opportunity for the singers; the value of which is incalculable. Long may it continue.’ – Steuart Bedford, conductor