Sustainability informs every aspect of the theatre, with food and drink predominantly sourced from independent companies within a 50 mile radius of Holland Park for purchase by patrons.

Theatre Bar 

Our beautiful onsite bar is open both before the performance and during the interval, offering a selection of drinks and snacks for you to enjoy. 


E-tickets and how to pre-order drinks

You will be able to access your tickets and pre-order your interval drinks from the bar using your mobile phone in 2022. If this is something you’re interested in, please log in to your account and add your mobile number. You can do this here.

All  performance information, including your e-tickets and a bar pre-order link, will be texted to you a few hours before the performance. Please note that pre-ordering is not available for performances that do not have an interval.


Il Portico

Spanning six decades, Il Portico is one of the oldest family-run restaurants in London and has been cooking regional Italian food since it was first opened four generations ago.
A long-standing favourite for pre and post opera meals, we are thrilled to announce that for the first time, Il Portico will be cooking live at Opera Holland Park for our 2022 Season and building a restaurant area to serve organic rotisserie chickens from their farm in Kent, slow roasted shoulders of Lamb, Roman Porchetta, Melanzane Parmigiana and many other delicious dishes, (including their unbeatable homemade gelato)!
To see the menu and find out more about pre-orders and your visit, click here


From the moment Gusbourne planted their first vines in 2004, their vision has been to create the finest vintage wines using grapes exclusively from their own vineyards.

Gusbourne grow the highest quality Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes across the Gusbourne Estate, with 60 hectares in Appledore, Kent and 30 hectares next to the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex. These predominantly Burgundian clones yield smaller volumes of intensely flavoured fruit, which thrive in their unique microclimates. This exceptional produce is the vital first ingredient in making the award-winning sparkling wines, all crafted using the traditional method.

We are delighted to have Gusbourne’s full sparkling portfolio on our shelves at our Theatre Bar this summer.


The Kernel

Founded in 2009, The Kernel is one of London’s first craft breweries, now with more than a decade long craft brewing experience behind their belt, can be found on Dockley Road in the moody Spa Terminus railway arches. The brewery’s ethos strongly favours quality over quantity, with quality control being at the heart of the operation. Kernel avoids unnecessary experimentation, with each brew being an intentional evolution of the previous batch.

The brewery produces a wide range of beer styles, from American-inspired pale ales and IPAs to sours and traditional London porters and stouts, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the intricate world of seasonal hops this summer at Opera Holland Park.


Portobello Road Gin

The Portobello Road Distillery Team are passionate about crafting quality, premium spirits inspired by the long, rich and on occasionally miserable history of gin, honouring the London distillers of the past. Alongside their London Dry Gin, other historically inspired expressions include an Old Tom Gin – which pays homage to how gin would have been drunk at the turn of the 19th century before becoming the spirit we all know and love today, and Celebrated Butter – inspired by a book of short stories by Charles Dickens which described the gins found in typical London Gin Palace.



Wildpress was founded recently in 2021 by Nadeem Nanjuwany and Adam Grout after almost two years of pressing and tasting apples and visiting orchards, many on the brink of disappearing. They partner directly with farms and orchards that are restoring biodiversity and nature on their land, which means that every bottle of Wildpress sold helps to preserve and even regenerate our natural environment. The company 

Wildpress has pressed over 35 different heritage and lesser-known apple varieties so far and has created a close network of farms and orchards, most of which are organic and biodynamic certified. These farmers, with Wildpress as a partner, are developing ways to reinvest the income earned from the apples (Wildpress pay higher than market prices) into practices that support and build biodiversity on the farms. The result is every bottle of delicious Wildpress juice sold, both preserves Britain’s apple heritage, supports solutions to rebuild our natural environment and gives us a natural glass of apple juice to enjoy. 



Laylo seek out top quality wines and put them into boxes you can feel proud to have on your countertop. Each box stays fresh for 6 weeks once opened, meaning you drink amazing wine by the glass. They also generate 90%. less carbon than glass bottles and are 100% recyclable. Win, win, wine.

Laylo started with a moment of serendipity during the 2020 summer lockdown. Wine industry veterans Laura Riches and Laura Rosenberger independently had the idea to create a luxury boxed wine brand. When a chance conversation revealed the coincidence, it made sense to join forces. Their first wine launched that November to critical acclaim.



Bringing your own picnic to Opera Holland Park 

We are pleased to be able to offer picnic tables in the Terrace and Dutch Garden Lounge for customers who would like to bring their own refreshments to enjoy before the show and during the interval. Tables are £45 (£40 for Members). Please note that availability is limited, although we hope to have more space to offer as we get closer to the summer season. 

You can either book your picnic table at the same time as buying your tickets, or you can do so using the link on the right of this page. 

We are also pleased to release tables in an additional picnicking space new to 2022 – The Balustrade. These tables are located at the front of the theatre under the canopy, overlooking the cricket pitch. Tables in the balustrade only seat up to 2 people, and are priced at £20 per table (£15 for Members and Supporters).

Read our picnicking FAQs


Local restaurants 

There are a variety of independent restaurants near the theatre if you are looking for a pre- or post-show meal. We recommend:

The Belvedere Restaurant in Holland Park is currently closed.


The Ensemble

We welcome our Envoys, Ambassadors, Benefactors, Founders and Jubilee Society Members to The Ensemble in 2022. We are working closely with our friends in the drinks industry to bring new exciting flavours for you to savour during the festival and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Please pre-book your space in advance when booking tickets for the operas you are attending.

To book, follow the link below, log in using the email address associated with your membership, and select the date you are attending an opera in our 2022 Season using the tool at the top of the page. Please note that 1 ticket = 1 person and capacity is limited to 4 people per booking.  You cannot bring food into the space.

Some dates are already sold out as we have reached our maximum capacity. If you would like to be added to the waiting list or are having trouble booking, please contact



Picnicking FAQs

Please note that we do not allow customers to eat their own food and drink at the bar seating areas and ask all groups to pre-book a picnic table in either the Terrace, the Balustrade, or the Dutch Garden Lounge. 

Do the tables have tablecloths?

Yes, all picnic tables in the Terrace and Dutch Garden Lounge have sanitised and wipeable tablecloths.

Is there a limit on the number of tables I can purchase?

No, you can purchase as many tables as you like. 

What time will I be able to picnic from?

The time from which your picnic table will be available varies according to the start time of the particular performance. Please check the list below to see when you will be able to access your table.

You are welcome to use your picnic table during the interval, but not after the performance as the theatre site will be closing.

Can I add an extra chair to my table? 

Unfortunately, due to Health & Safety regulations, we can only accommodate up to four people/chairs around picnic tables purchased in the Dutch Garden Lounge and the Terrace. If your party is 5 or more, you will need to purchase more than one picnic table.