Pictured: Holland House and members of the Opera Holland Park team after the company’s 8 August outdoor performance, Opera Holland Park in Concert: The Encore

One million highly skilled theatre professionals have now been without work since March 2020. Over a typical season our family of freelancers extends beyond the artists on stage and in the pit, and includes designers, directors, choreographers, electrics, stage management, stage crew, wigs, wardrobe, build crew and front of house staff. 

The supply chain for our productions involves freelancers who work in set building, costume, props, lighting, marquees, radios, toilets, transport and waste management. Together with Glyndebourne, we are proud to have employed at least some of our regular freelancers in producing public performances this summer. We look forward to welcoming other members of our extended family back to Holland Park next year, and hope that their plight will be recognised by those in a position to support them through the ongoing crisis in our industry.