Can you introduce us to the role of Hansel?
Hansel is your typical brother, annoying, protective, loyal, fun, brave and a bit of a brat. He is Gretel’s brother and best friend, and he is lucky to be lost in a forest with someone as smart as her.

You were supposed to perform this role in 2020, but like many productions during the pandemic, it was cancelled. What does it mean to be performing it now?
The pandemic was devastating for the arts and industries around the world as we all know. I was so disappointed to have missed the chance to perform Hansel in 2020, and am beyond thrilled to be making my role debut with an incredible company such as OHP. During the pandemic, I missed the chance to work with amazing colleagues, learn new roles and share music with others and am so glad to be working with OHP to do just that.

What are you most excited to learn or experience during your time as an OHP Young Artist?
We have the unique opportunity to not only cover these roles but we also will have the chance to perform this show alongside the main cast. We will work with the orchestra and will be in rehearsal with not only the YA singers but also a YA creative team. I can’t wait to perform this show and to feel like we have created this together in a supportive and excited environment.

Hansel and his sister work together to save themselves and the other children – who would you most trust to help you in a fight against an evil witch?
I’d have to say my dad. We said we would be the perfect Father-Daughter team on The Amazing Race, so killing an evil witch could just be one of the challenges, right? Although he might be just as scared as me.

What’s one piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist that has stayed with you?
An amazing Australian soprano, Helena Dix, once told me in a coaching that you are solely responsible for what comes out of your mouth as a singer, so work hard on your languages, technique and stamina and you will be confident that you have done everything you can to perform at your best.