Our sessions at The Mosaic Rooms allowed everyone to become immersed in the strength, compassion, and humility of these women. With a focus on food, we have come together to learn, heal, and nourish each other, with participants bringing home-prepared meals to share with everyone each week. Through singing together, we have captured the stories of these women, and to share in their space has been a privilege.

‘Passage’ comes to its conclusion in a short film, to be premiered on Sat 25th June at OHP. Led by director TD Moyo, singer April Koyejo-Audiger, and filmed by Maya Sanbar and her team, with support from a diversity of creatives, this film will be a celebration of our work, and our new friendships.

For more information, please email alice.bezant@operahollandpark.com

Images from our 2018 project Refuge in Harmony