Witness this cross-disciplinary Kensington-based non-profit performing arts and heritage org. that are celebrating 5 years as a C.I.C and have been nurturing community arts and culture for two decades in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea!

‘Poetry On The Steps’ is a pilot event hosted by Kamitan Arts with kind support from OHP to raise awareness of what they are passionately advocating for:

To increase recognition, funding, and support for diverse local poets, artists, and grassroots performing arts organisations in RBKC. Prioritising their inclusion within the programming of the Kensington & Chelsea Annual Festival.

This poetry recitation will serve as a pilot for Kamitan Arts’ concept, an annual open-air live acoustic poetry series that highlights local professional poetry artists, and will take place on the steps of Opera Holland Park on Wed 16th Aug 1pm.

This event is a must-attend for arts, culture, and poetry enthusiasts, as well as anyone passionate about utilising the arts, more specifically the Spoken Word, as a powerful tool for driving social change. Don’t miss this free opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, and explore the transformative potential of the arts in shaping our society for the better!

If you would like to DONATE towards the free creative healing work that Kamitan Arts develops and implements within the RBKC and Grenfell-affected community such as the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ project, your kind support would be very much appreciated:

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