One fundraising event can often become indistinguishable from another in the memories of those who attend them but at OHP, as a company of a theatrical pedigree, we try to bring something extra; those who have previously attended will attest that this is one of the most memorable evenings in the OHP year and is unlike any other you will experience with us.

The evening is designed to raise funds for our Inspire work, but first and foremost, it brings you into an immersive evening of opera and theatre, great food and wine. The Gala is about experiencing our art in a beautiful and surprising way in a spectacular environment, an elegant gathering that puts music and conviviality above raffles and auctions.

You can be sure of some of the finest performances from special talent: a musical and visual regalo to be unwrapped excitedly on the night. From the moment you arrive, we hope to embrace you in the spell of celebration, every moment a pleasurable one, every sight or sound a glorious one, and we design the evening in minute detail to ensure the experience is, as the invitation says, one of wonder.

Every table will feature a special guest and throughout the Gala you will be able to mingle and share the evening with our performers and members of the company, thereby, we hope, tying our bonds closer, and more importantly still, helping us to Inspire the community through next year.