Fritz doesn’t want to leave his comfortable, bachelor life behind. But with a bit of a nudge from his friend David, and a chance meeting with local girl Suzel, everything is about to change…

The cast of Mascagni’s romantic comedy L’amico Fritz includes Matteo Lippi as Fritz, Katie Bird as Suzel, Paul Carey Jones as David and Kezia Bienek as Beppe. 

This new production is directed by Julia Burbach, designed by Alyson Cummings and conducted by Beatrice Venezi. It also features lighting design by Rory Beaton. 

The production opens on 16 July and closes on 31 July. Ticket availability is very limited so book quickly! Get your tickets.

A small number of additional tickets will be released every Monday at 12pm for that week’s performances. Find out more.

All images were taken by Bill Knight.