Charlotte Corderoy – Conductor

‘The prospect of approaching a score of this scale in its entirety is something hugely exciting – and daunting too, but in all the best ways!’

Bence Kalo – Director

‘This is the first production of Hansel and Gretel I will be working on, so I look forward to exploring this fantastic piece in-depth and inhabiting the world that John and Neil will create, along with Charlotte Corderoy, the YA Conductor, and the YA cast’

Avishka Edirisinghe – Répétiteur

‘Being able to play the role of an orchestra is a really fun challenge. It involves a lot of listening to the orchestration in recordings, but is so fulfilling when you feel you can play an entire orchestral opera score with your own ten fingers!’

Shakira Tsindos – Hansel

‘We will work with the orchestra and will be in rehearsal with not only the YA singers but also a YA creative team: I can’t wait to perform this show and to feel like we have created this together in a supportive and excited environment.’

Emily Christina Loftus – Gretel

‘Gretel is a dream role of mine, so to sing her on the OHP stage is a dream come true in itself! Plus who doesn’t want their role debut to involve running around and eating lots of sweets on stage?’

Ella de Jongh – The Gingerbread Witch

‘I’m so excited to be an OHP Young Artist for 2023 and I’m looking forward to working with the team, but I have to say I’m psyched for the Schools Matinee, as I get to play the ‘baddie’!’

Edward Kim – Peter

‘You should treat every performance with utmost importance because you never know if it’s the audience’s first – or last – time watching a performance.’

Madeline Boreham – Gertrud

‘This role is one that I have spent a long time looking at and have my own ideas about her but I am very excited to see her in a potentially new light.’

Eleanor Broomfield – The Dew Fairy

‘It’s always such a pleasure to see how different people perceive such a well-known opera and I can’t wait to hear about the world in which this Hansel and Gretel is set.’

Claudia Haussmann – The Sandman

‘I can’t wait to meet my new colleagues and I couldn’t be happier to find myself working alongside and being mentored by such a fabulous team of people.’