The successor to Le Villi, the hottest ticket of the 2022 Season, Puccini’s early romance tells the story of a knight who must choose between vice and virtue, personified by two women, the hedonistic Tigrana and the chaste Fidelia. Based on Alfred de Musset’s play, Le coupe et les lèvres, and set in mediaeval Flanders, Edgar underwent several revisions after its premiere in 1889. Three semi-staged performances offer a wonderful opportunity to experience Puccini’s 1905 edition of the opera, with its vivid characterisation of regret and redemption, and continue Opera Holland Park’s tradition of exploring operatic rarities.

Ruth Knight directs this semi-staging of Edgar, with Peter Auty in the title role, Anne Sophie Duprels as Fidelia, Gweneth Ann Rand as Tigrana, and Julien Van Mellaerts as Frank.