In the gloomy bulk of the Tower of London, Colonel Fairfax awaits his execution for the trumped up crime of sorcery. Helplessly in love with Fairfax, Phoebe Meryll is but one of the characters whose heart is as vulnerable as the colonel’s head in Gilbert and Sullivan’s tongue-twisting Shakespearean comedy. With the arrival of two strolling players, Jack Point and Elsie Maynard, the scene is set for a daring escape, sparking a series of misunderstandings and reluctant marriage proposals.

Opera Holland Park and Charles Court Opera join forces for their fourth co-production. John Savournin directs and takes the role of Wilfred Shadbolt, Head Jailor and Assistant Tormentor, while David Eaton conducts the City of London Sinfonia in this new production of The Yeomen of the Guard. Full casting to follow.